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Happy New Year!

Starting the New Year with a Grateful Heart

Christmastime may be the most wonderful time of the year for lots of people, but I treasure the time right after the holidays, too.

The end of the year is a great time to step back and really take a good look at all of the amazing things in your life. There are so many things to be grateful for. When you really start seeing all of those things, life seems a little less crazy and hectic and whole lot MORE—more comforting, more loving, more enjoyable, just a whole lot more of everything good!

Leigh’s is a place that I can truly look around and see all the good that I’m talking about. I’m not saying what we have here is a magical place that is all sugar and spice and everything nice. Well, lots of the time it is—but it’s also a very real place with real people struggling to live day to day.

I see my staff come and do their job to the best of their ability while living their own lives with all the normal ups and downs that everyone has. I see parents dropping their kids off all while coordinating their other children’s activities, dinner, work, errands—you name it! I see kids who love what they do here, but also deal with their budding emotions and what stresses them out. So sometimes it can be like a three ring circus around here—super hectic. But it’s also a place that can change your whole perspective—a place that can take a not-so-great day and make it better, maybe even great!

I am so incredibly grateful for the amazing people that make up our Leigh’s family. I feel very lucky to have a devoted staff that I truly cherish. They love what they do here and they love their students—always taking the extra time to make a personal connection. Not every boss/director enjoys that kind of commitment!

I am so grateful for the parents that bring their dancers to us. Parents are the ones who decide that what we have here is a worthwhile experience for their dancer. They see not only the training dancers receive here, but they see all the extra…the love, the support and the family atmosphere their dancer enjoys. Leigh’s parents are always willing to lend a helping hand. They volunteer to help with our shows…they help making props and costumes…they even help pick up kiddos or take them home when another parent’s schedule conflicts.

What can I say about the kiddos? I am so grateful for them and for what I get to be in their life. I love seeing their happy faces—and if they’re having a bad day, I love being able to give them a hug or a snuggle. They are the best part of my life and my job!

Happy New Year with Lots of Love,
Miss Sarah XOXOXOX

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Dance for Kindness 2016





I want to share with everyone what a special time Dance for Kindness was for our dance family. Some of our students along with members of our Community participated in Dance for Kindness Sunday, November 13th.

Dance for Kindness is a worldwide event in celebration of World Kindness Day. Groups from across the globe join together to perform a Kindness Freezemob/Flashmob to the same song with the same choreography. It’s a really FUN way to show kindness and positivity in our Kansas communities. Along the way we provide smiles, laughter and of course, dance!

I loved being a part of this event because it reinforces my belief that a little kindness can go a long way. Sometimes when things are out of our comfort zone we stay quiet. We don’t offer a smile or give that extra hand, because we don’t know what the reaction will be. We fear that we will be rejected, or think that it’s not our place to say anything, or that maybe offering help would be intruding on someone else’s business. This may be true to some extent, but putting yourself out there and offering a kind word to someone or offering a hand to someone you see struggling not only affects the person, but can change your whole day as well.

Offering kindness and helping others
only leads to a happier, kinder YOU.

I’m happy to announce that we’re going to continue partnering with Randy Floyd and his organization, BeKindKansas. Together we’ll be trying to remind people that kindness is important and that it can change our community and unite us. Our kindness flashmobs will be ongoing as we try to spread the word about the benefits of kindness. I will let everyone know when we put on our next one to see if we can get even more people involved!

Thanks to everyone who participated, I loved seeing your happy faces there!!!

Much Love,
Miss Sarah


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Happy New Year!

Blog Art

August 18, 2016


I am getting so pumped about this upcoming season!

I absolutely love this time of year. It’s when all of the creativity is flowing. Our staff is busy working on new concepts to introduce to our students and new ways to make our program even better than the year before. Our teachers are working so diligently and with so much passion. It’s exciting—practically electric!

Speaking of electric, we’ve already selected our recital theme this year…VIVA LAS VEGAS! We can’t wait to incorporate all of the excitement of Vegas, old and new, into our show! Recital is set for Saturday, June 10th this year—at the beautiful Leid Center (of course!).

Don’t forget to come and see us at the Old Settlers Days booth September 8-10th! It’s so fun to see your smiling faces! We love visiting with and getting hugs from current and former dancers. So please—stop by and share the love!

Our new dance year starts on Monday, September 12. Make sure you’ve signed your “Policies and Procedures” form and that you check out your dance supplies list. Remember supplies aren’t required to start class, but please get them as soon as you can.

I can’t wait to see everyone! Seeing the bright and shiny faces of our new and return students is one of my greatest joys. Moms and Dads, thanks again for bringing your babies to us, no matter how old they are! We love what we do and we love getting to share that love with all of you!

See you all soon!!!


Much Love,

Miss Sarah

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My first blog post!

Blog Art

May 6, 2016



Welcome to my very first Studio Director’s Blog! This is something I’ve always wanted to do…and our new website gave me the perfect opportunity to start!

So…what do you think of our new site? We partnered with Olathe Public Schools and the eCommunications Department at Olathe Northwest to give our website a facelift.

Special thanks to ONW Junior Allyson Chitwood for all her hard work and to Mr. Mark Olson for guiding the process. Take some time to navigate through the tabs and see what you think. Would love to get your feedback!

In other news, Italy was FABULOUS. So grateful to my teachers and staff who held down the fort and took our competition team to Stage One in Tulsa. Everyone seems to agree that it was a long weekend, but super-successful! Lots of great awards and recognition were given to our dancers, the last Regional Competition for our Seniors.

Rehearsals for our Recital Alumni Dance are starting this Thursday, May 5 and will be held EVERY THURSDAY IN MAY at 7:30 pm at the studio. We’re doing the TIME WARP and it’s going to be a blast!

Speaking of recital, don’t forget tickets go on sale next Saturday (May 14) at the studio—11 am until 1 pm After that you can pick up your tickets in the Dance Shop during regular hours (Monday through Thursday 4pm-8pm). Remember it’s reserved seating!

Our Dancewear Donation Drive was a huge success! We collected over 100 pairs of jazz, tap and ballet shoes, plus tons of leotards, costumes and other dancewear. You may have noticed that big pink box in the lobby? Donations were sorted over Spring Break and delivered to Take the Stage KC and Em’s Spotlight. Both non-profits provide dance to children in underserved areas. If you’re interested in attending the annual recital for Take the Stage KC on May 10, contact Lisa Hunt.

To get the latest on all of our community outreach projects, check the MORE tab.

I’m looking forward to Recital next month (SOON!). Can’t wait to see all you beautiful dancers take the stage. Don’t forget to practice practice practice!

Love you bunches,

Miss Sarah,


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