Company and Pre-Company

Company and Pre-Company

Leigh’s School of Dance was the first established competition program in Olathe, and we want every dancer who would like to experience competitive dance to try it regardless of level.

Team dancers gain more than just strong foundation of dance skills. They learn responsibility and form lasting friendships. In our program, students are not defined by a trophy, but by the effort they put into their training, practice and performance. Our award winning staff recognizes that in order for students to achieve their goals, they need positive encouragement and support.

  • COMPANY members attend at least 3 regional competitions a year and a nationals contest. Some travel may be involved. Company members train at the studio for 2-3 days a week, taking required (leveled) technique classes and they practice group routines on Sunday afternoons.
  • PRE-COMPANY members aren’t required to travel, spend fewer hours training in the studio  (just one required night a week for technique and routine practice) and they attend fewer contests. Pre-Company is great for dancers (and parents) who are looking to try dance competition, but don’t have a lot of time to invest. Dancers experience the fun of competition regardless of their level!


The Premier Team is part of Company and competes at all mandatory regional and national competitions in the same groups as regular Company members.

What’s the difference?  Premier Team is for dancers that enjoy competition, but are looking for additional challenges, more team involvement/commitment (including additional routines)—ways to reach the next level.

The Premier Team attends 2 mandatory dance conventions each year as a team (optional for members of regular Company or PreCompany). These are typically 2-3 day events with a major emphasis on workshops taught by a variety of renowned choreographers from around the country. The training is invaluable for the students—and fun, too! They’ll gain even more self-confidence in their skills, gain new ones and be exposed to a variety of dance styles. Premier Team members are selected by audition only.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED in joining any of our competition teams, please contact Competition Director Tasha Spalding.